Clean and deodorize industrial messes

Big Orange is an organic cleaner formulated to degrease molds, dies and other industrial equipment while leaving a pleasant citrus scent. It is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing drain pipes, grease traps, sewage treatment plants, rendering plants, refuse dumps, trash cans and dumpsters. It effectively emulsifies tar and asphalt, removes industrial glues and protective coatings, cleans unpainted concrete floors, removes gum from carpet and eliminates tire and oil marks.


Completely organic, Big Orange degreaser contains no caustics, acids, petroleum distillates, chlorinated hydrocarbons or chlorinated aromatic solvents. It is safer for people because it only contains natural citrus-based and synthetic biodegradable solvents that are less hazardous than chlorinated solvents or butyl cellosolve.  It is also safer for the environment because it does not contain any ozone-harming CFCs and all ingredients are completely biodegradable.  


It is the perfect solution for the Industrial, Automotive, and Transportation industries, including school bus fleets and mass transit.



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