Boat Cleaning for Storage

Boat Cleaning for Storage
Top side and bottom side preparation for winter storage
For many, the end of summer means the end of boat season. Zep can help you prepare your boat for dry storage, with our chart of recommended products.  
Cleaning the inside and above-water areas is important to protect the boat and extend its life. An end-of-season cleaning is imperative, however, Zep also recommends regularly cleaning throughout the season. 
Cleaning the bottom of the boat is also necessary at the end of the season.  Before you start, remove the boat from the water and rinse the water collected to avoid runoff. Be careful when scraping off barnacles. 
Boat Part Cleaning Challenge Product
Seats, Covers, and Floors Mold stains and mildew stains on vinyl Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

Seats, Covers, and Floors

General Cleaning

A-One, Zep-40, Vinyl Cleaner, Once Over Wall Cleaner

Plastic Windows & Clean Vinyl General Cleaning Mirror & Glass
Metal and Chrome Restore Shine Stainless Steel Polish, Selcoshine
Engines and Bilge Areas General degreasing Formula 50, Morado, Multi-Clean Green
Motors & Moving Parts Lubricate Zep 45 Dual Force
Motors & Moving Parts Water-resistant grease Redi-Grease, All Purpose High Temp Grease, High-Performance Lithium Grease
Bathrooms General bathroom & Sanitizing Apriza 2
Bottom of Boat (Fresh Water) Remove dirt & grime TNT, A-One
Bottom of Boat (Salt Water)  Remove salt & mineral deposits and corrosion Ring Master, Formula 7961


If a more aggressive solution is needed to clean the bottom of your boat, please reach out to Zep Technical Services for a recommendation tailored to your boat material. 

To find out more about B2B uses or order product, please reach out to your Sales Consultant or have a Sales Consultant contact you at

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