Car and Truck Wash for Fleets

As a fleet and truck owner, you know cleaning large vehicles can take employees hours, so scrubbing a full fleet can add significant costs to your operation.

Zep’s vehicle cleaning system features truck and trailer wash, which is formulated to effectively remove exhaust deposits, road film, and bug residues. It features a chelating agent to avoid water spot. It works by grabbing dirt to wash away easily from painted vehicle surfaces in one application without any scrubbing.

Application is simple with Zep's 481 foamer. Pour cleaning solution into the container, set dilution ratio at 1-to-25 with the included metering tip, and attach to a hose -- It works with hot or cold water. Spray from bottom to top. Wait up to two minutes. Rinse from top to bottom. There are no additional steps.

Cleaning a whole fleet of vehicles with truck wash and the 481 foamer is easy, unlike scrubbing large vehicles by hand.

Truck wash is available in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon, and 275-gallon sizes, but is just one part of Zep’s system. We also offer Blue Marvel and Zep-O-Shine products, which are ideal for those looking for a classic hand wash. Blue Marvel gives you the foamiest gentle wash, with the foam preventing scratches while washing the vehicles. Zep-O-Shine leaves a protective layer that also helps keep vehicles shiny until your next cleaning. The system is perfect for vehicle washing services or owners of fleets.

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