Paving Your Way to Optimal Performance

Paving Your Way to Optimal Performance

By Rocky Munck

Are you using hot mix asphalt (HMA) or warm mix asphalt (WMA)? No matter what type of asphalt is used, efficient release from truck beds and keeping equipment clean is a challenge.

So, what does “good” look like? The Zep Asphalt Program features products, equipment, and a comprehensive approach to improving business results.

To tackle the task, Zep’s manufacturing capabilities, high-performing chemistries, and equipment help drive operational efficiency, enhance safety, and accelerates productivity which contributes to revenue generation and cost savings.


Zep Asphalt Release Technology

Selecting the Right Chemistry

Zep's BMF Asphalt Release Agent provides a powerful protective barrier between asphalt and truck bed surfaces, enabling quicker unloading of trucks.

With its D.O.T approval in forty-nine states, this water-based chemistry is nondisruptive to the paved matt or vehicles used; it won't strip hot asphalt from aggregate or harm any finishes on your vehicle - including windshields! The product offers versatility with dilution capabilities that can accommodate varying customer needs for both polymer and conventional asphalts alike.


Innovative Spray Equipment

Zep Asphalt Program offers exceptional efficiency with its truck bed spraying equipment, which includes automatic starting and stopping based on sensors reading the truck bed. 

This system provides adjustable chemical dilution rates to apply Zep BMF as either a liquid or foam product while controlling coverage amount, application uniformity, and total product used — all at no additional cost!

Further enhancing operational performance is signage featuring flashing lights indicating when the system has sprayed.  The driver does not need to leave his truck. 


Drag Slat Maintenance (DSM)

Superior Maintenance

The Zep Asphalt Program is dedicated to providing comprehensive maintenance services for asphalt-related machinery.

Its unique DSM formula offers optimal cleanliness, lubrication, and residue prevention across various applications – including traverses, crossovers, weigh hoppers, chutes, elevators, double barrel drums, and rap chutes.  It provides protection for all parts of the manufacturing process including conveyor systems, belting systems, silos, drums, and asphalt handling equipment. 

Regular use will help extend the life of your drag slat while ensuring all equipment used in the manufacturing process remains properly cleaned at all times.


Ensuring Optimal Performance

Asphalt is an essential component of roadways across America, totaling 350 million metric tons used per year. Zep understands paving projects are a crucial part of keeping our country running, its market-leading Asphalt Program offers customers the ability to produce optimal delivery loads and cleaner equipment.

Our technical experts are here to discuss your unique needs and help you select the right products for your project. Want to find out more? Reach out to Rocky or a Zep Technical Sales Specialist at Contact – Zep Inc.

Rocky is a Technical Sales Specialist - Asphalt with over 15 years of industry experience. He is part of the technical Team, which helps customers create cleaner, safer, and more efficient business operations. Connect with him about Zep’s Asphalt Program and best practices including consultative solutions including best practices.


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