Zep Parts Washer Systems

Expertise that Partners with You…
Zep high-quality parts washer systems support superior cleaning, safer environments, reduced liability, and contract-free programs, backed by the industry’s best technical experts.

The Zep parts washer portfolio includes solvent-based or water-based systems and accessories to help minimize waste, lower cost and provide consistent cleaning.

What is a Parts Washer?
Parts Washer equipment removes contaminants or debris such as dirt, carbon, oil, grease, metal chips, cutting fluids, mold release agents, ink, paint and corrosion from work pieces. Zep parts washers come in ten sizes and configurations and are often large enough to submerge parts.

Solving Tough Cleaning Applications
Keeping parts clean is essential for businesses, yet it can be a time-consuming and tedious process. With Zep parts washer technology, keeping parts clean is simpler and easier.

Zep Unique Filtration System
Clean machinery parts work better. Zep’s exclusive multistage filtration system allows solvents to remain effective for extended periods of time. Requiring less replenishment.

  • Sink Drain Filter - Collects large particulates
  • Canister Filter - Removes particulates,100 coarse, or 50 med, down to10 fine microns
  • Dyna-Trap Filter Bag - Removes Oils and greases

Additionally, Zep parts washers are free-board certified to prevent employees from inhaling solvent when the lid is closed.

Other important system designs help prevent potential tipping over, and the system doubles as a soaker.

Highest Caliber Technology
Having a parts washer helps to save time when cleaning large numbers of metal or plastic. Zep’s heavy-duty Parts Washers reduce the generation of hazardous waste and expensive liquid hazardous waste removal and potential liability that comes with it.

• Heavy (16) gauge steel construction
• Durable baked-on enamel finish
• Recessed area in front of tank allows operator to stand close to the work
• Full interior shelving and a removable parts basket allows unit to do smaller size tasks
• UL approved submersible electric pump
• Pump delivers up to 3 GPM of solvent through flexible metal spigot
• Bypass valve/connector allows fluid flow to a Dyna-Trap for continuous filtration
• Spring-loaded lid closure
• Safety fusible link melts at 160F - closes lid automatically in case of fire

Reducing Your Operational Cost
For the solvent to work quickly and efficiently, it needs to be clean. Leased based parts washer programs - need regular service visits to replace dirty solvents with clean solvents. Typically, this means leased parts washers will require a service contract with regular visits.

In contrast, Zep parts washers do not require regular service visits because they continuously clean the solvent through Zep filtration technology. The first filter removes large particles, the second filter removes small particles, and the third filter removes oil and grease. This results in cleaner parts, free of debris to minimize potential problems down the line.

Selecting the Right Parts Washer
When selecting a parts washer for your business it is important to consider size (how big are the objects that need cleaning) and resources needed to keep it running. Whether you need a small washer for occasional use or a larger one to soak larger parts, Zep has the right size option for you.

Zep Parts washers – provide overall lower total cost of ownership. We recommend investing in a Zep industrial parts washer with continuous triple filtration which keeps the solvent clean and ready to go.

Because the solvent is continuously self-cleaned, there is no need for regular service visits with Zep parts washers. This means that you can purchase the parts washer and do not have to worry about maintaining a lease or service agreement.

• Better cleaning performance
• Reduced disposal fees
• Reduced Solvent cost
• Eliminates monthly rental fee

Having a reliable and effective parts washer can help make sure that your business run smoothly. Please contact your local Zep Rep or explore our parts washer selection on Zep.com for more information.

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