Clean Up Any Wet Spill Fast and Easy


Get back to work quicker and avoid slip and falls.


A bad spill does not need to kill work time at your shop.  Having a fast and easy way to clean a spill makes workers more likely to clean it quickly, reduces the likelihood of slip-and-falls, and gets everyone back to work quicker.


Zorbent is a light and super-absorbent powder that can be used on almost any liquid, even hazardous waste. One Cubic foot (7 lbs) of Zorbent replaces 100 lbs of clay absorbent, which makes storage, application, and disposal easy


  • Absorbs 16 times more than clay absorbents
  • Dust Free - Reduces mess and skin/eye contact
  • Encapsulates Hazardous Wastes - Absorbs all liquids: Oils, water, Acids/Bases (If Zorbent is used to absorb a hazardous waste, it must be disposed of as hazardous waste)
  • For use with any hydrophobic or hydrophilic liquid (except Hydrofluoric Acid)
  • Dust Free - Reduces mess and skin/eye contact
  • Reduces and Eliminates Odors - Naturally produces a cleaner smelling environment
  • Leaves Spill Surface Clean and Dry - Leaves no residue
  • Absorbs 8-10 Times its Weight - Reduces space needed for storage


The application is simple -- pour it on the spilled alcohols, caustics, mineral acids, oils, paints, or solvents and sweep with a broom. It is reusable until it is completely saturated. 


Zorbent is perfect for manufacturing businesses, auto mechanics, garages, airports, bus stations, schools, maintenance depots, paint stores, contractor sites, and other locations.


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