Enhance-All - 20 Gallon

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Odor Fragrance: Citrus

A concentrated, economical, water-based, dilutable silicone surface protectant and conditioner for use on rubber, vinyl, leather, wood, acrylics, Plexiglas, and plastics. Defends against the harmful effects of ozone, ultraviolet rays, and oxygen that dull, harden, crack, or rot material. Use on dashboards, vinyl or leather upholstery, and tires.

  • Dilutes one to one with water to provide low-cost use dilution.
  • Penetrates, protects and beautifies, imparting a delicate gloss and renewing old/worn surfaces.
  • Penetrates and protects surfaces from ozone, ultraviolet rays and oxygen that can crack, dull, harden and rot materials.
  • Water-based, contains no harmful, smelly solvents.
  • Water-based formulation leaves a beautiful shine that does not collect brake dust or dirt.
  • A semi-thick solution that wipes on easily and penetrates to leave excellent gloss. Wipe off any excess material.

Safety Items: Gloves; Mask

Pro-Tip: Used by new and used car dealers, full service car washes and detail shops as a protectant and conditioner on vehicle dashboards, vinyl and leather upholstery, tires and black exterior trim. May also be used on luggage, sporting goods, handbags, briefcases, furniture and cabinets. Use in: Automotive Parts Stores Automotive Repair Shops Car Washes Cleaning & Maintenance Services Local Passenger Transportation New & Used Car Dealers Passenger Car Rental & Leasing Plastic Products Manufacturers

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