Drain Defense Pipe Build Up Remover - 64 oz.

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Drain Care Build-Up Remover clears clogs in stopped drains and helps prevent future clogs. The concentrated, enzyme-based formula breaks down years of drain-clogging build-up to open slow drains. The certified, biodegradable formula is ideal for sinks, toilets and showers and breaks down into carbon dioxide (CO2), minerals and water. The product comes in 64-oz. bottles and is recommended for monthly use to maintain pipes in the home.

  • Safe for all pipes & septic systems
  • Provides 21 months of drain protection
  • Enzymes remove years of build-up
  • Use monthly to prevent clogs, slow drains & restore flow
  • For use in: sinks, garbage disposals, tub/shower drains, RVs and grease traps

Pro-Tip: Monthly drain maintenance helps remove buildups and prevents clogs.

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