Mudslide Ready To Use Cleaner - 20 Gallon

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Mudslide RTU is a versatile, biodegradable, concrete remover specially designed for dissolving concrete buildup and residues from Ready-Mix concrete trucks, tools, equipment, molds, forms, concrete storage vessels, and containers. Mudslide RTU does not contain strong inorganic acids, and is formulated to ensure personnel safety and lower operating cost.

  • Apply product directly to dry, soiled surface. It is unnecessary to dilute this product with water. Allow product contact time as necessary to remove heavy buildup. Read entire label before use. Proper protective equipment is always necessary when working with any type of cleaner.
  • MUDSLIDE™ is more environmentally conscious when compared to strong inorganic acid cleaners
  • MUDSLIDE™ is not regulated by the following: - Clean Water Act 311 - Clean Air Act 112(r) - SARA 313 Toxic Release Inventory - California Proposition 65 - Does not contain phosphates
  • Apply by sprayer or manually onto surfaces. Use for removing concrete and residue from metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, etc… Performance is unaffected by water hardness. MUDSLIDE™ rinses freely, leaving no scum on vehicles and equipment. *Also removes other Portland Cement based masonries.

Safety Items: Gloves; Glasses

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