How Zep products are good for consumers AND good for the earth

How Zep products are good for consumers AND good for the earth

At Zep, sustainability is a substantial part of how we do business. Being good stewards and driving positive change is embedded in our values and part of our overall vision to help our customers. It’s our purpose to make the planet safer, cleaner and more productive.

Each day, we innovate to improve the health and safety of our customers’ environments, reduce wastewater and effluents, optimize energy efficiency, protect people and achieve better business results.

Our focus is to develop solutions that support today’s needs and tomorrow’s generations. Zep has a line of products and services designed to meet customer needs and create sustainable results.

Reducing Water Usage and Water Effluents

Zep offers several environmentally focused solutions to reduce water consumption and mitigate wastewater.

NUVODA MOB Process: The MOBTM (Mobile Organic Biofilm) process is a novel and sustainable wastewater treatment process developed by Nuvoda to improve settleability, increase treatment capacity, provide simultaneous nutrient removal, and optimize process stability.

PurWater: This water recovery system dramatically reduces your water and sewer costs by 60% or more while delivering a high-quality wash.

Zep Parts Washing: Zep’s exclusive multi-stage filtration system is the best way to effectively clean dirty, greasy parts at a lower cost and reduced risk. Used parts washing solvents are one of the largest hazardous streams generated by industries. Zep parts washers greatly reduce waste solvents and help facilities reduce costs through efficiency.

VersaClaim Pro System: This system reduces water consumption substantially while also reducing caustics usage in major areas by up to 90%. It goes years without a need for replacement, making it a good long-term sustainability choice.

Energy and Emissions

Our product offerings include solutions focused on maximizing energy efficiency for consumers and customers.

Bulk Brake Cleaner Program: Zep’s Bulk Brake Cleaner Program reduces cost-per-ounce versus cost-per- can by 40% or more – making it a competitive, green solution. Each drum is equivalent to 452 spray cans of brake cleaner and reduces the environmental impact associated with spray cans.

EcoClear: EcoClear sanitizes food processing and refrigerated facilities from harmful biohazards and increases equipment lifespan – making it an ideal choice for the food and beverage industry. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces the risk of mold, listeria and other bacteria
  • Reduces energy costs – up to 30%
  • Increases airflow by up to 100%
  • FSMA/OSHA/EPA compliant
  • NSF D2 approved for + food contact surfaces

Biosecurity Innovation

Zep Assure™ Program: This comprehensive biosecurity program is backed by EPA-certified products and scientific expertise to help protect your business and reduce exposure to harmful microorganisms. From simply providing you with EPA-certified products, to delivering a full training and certification program backed by the latest CDC guidelines, the Zep Assure™ Program can be customized to fit your business needs.

How We Can Help

At Zep, we are committed to continually improving our sustainability efforts by offering customer-driven solutions that make the planet safer, cleaner and more productive. As we advance Zep Stewardship, we will be sharing more progress in the future so please check back for updates.

To learn more about Zep products visit or speak with one of our local solutions experts or distributor partners.

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