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Color: Light Brown

A powdered, low-foam cleaner, degreaser, paint stripper, and rust remover for iron and steel. Removes grease and grime from ferrous metal parts. A blend of caustic and other alkalis, low-foam detergents and emulsifiers with a special agent to aid in the removal of rust. Contains no phosphates. USDA applicable, A2.

  • Rapidly removes grease, grime, oil, varnish, engine enamels and rust.
  • Generates little or no foam. Ideal for cabinet spray parts washers.
  • Special additives keep freshly-cleaned iron and steel surfaces from rusting until more permanent protection can be applied.
  • Does not cause hydrogen embrittlement of stressed and non-stressed parts.
  • Solutions are easily neutralized for disposal. Contains no phosphates.
  • Contains only biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers.

Safety Items: Gloves

Pro-Tip: Recommended for all makes of cabinet spray parts washers as well as hot vats. Use on steel and iron. Do not use on zinc, aluminum or galvanized metals. Particularly useful in Automotive Parts Stores, New & Used Car Dealers, Automotive Repair Shops, Passenger Car Rental & Leasing, Motorcycle Dealers, Service Stations, Truck Rental & Leasing

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