Lubeze Omni - 5 Gallon

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Lubeze Omni is a multi-task soluble oil metalworking fluid where a variety of cutting tasks are performed. A product for multiple types of tough machining jobs.

  • Contains extreme pressure additives combined with lubrication properties which provide smooth finishes and long tool life.
  • Provides cooling and lubrication on light, moderate and heavy-duty operations simply by varying the dilution rate.
  • Formulated to effectively control rancid odors and ensure long fluid life and minimize the need for bacteriostatic additives.
  • Provides long-lasting consistent performance and overall cleanliness to systems.
  • Safe on all metals. Prevents flash rusting and corrosion on ferrous metals at low concentrations.
  • Contains no nitrite which could combine with certain chemicals to form suspected cancer-causing nitrosamines.


For general purpose metalworking and machining operations such as milling, drilling, turning, cutoff and power sawing and/or grinding. Can also be used in high-pressure uses such as broaching, tapping, reaming and form milling.

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