Zep 70 Penetrating Lubricant - 15 oz.

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Zep 70 is a soy-based penetrating lubricant that utilizes a renewable soy solvent. It provides excellent long-lasting lubrication, and superior water displacement properties. Zep 70 will penetrate quickly and clean dirt and grease. It will also protect against rust and corrosion. Zep 70 is packaged in a 24 oz. can with a net weight of 18 ounces.

  • Utilizing a soy-based solvent, a renewable source, helps to conserve nonrenewable resources such as petroleum
  • Non-evaporative solvent extends life of the lubricant
  • Quickly penetrates parts frozen from rust or corrosion.
  • Displaces moisture and condensation which can cause corrosion
  • Treated surfaces are protected from rust and metal surfaces
  • Helps clean dirt and grease from metal surfaces

Safety Items: Gloves; Glasses; Mask; Ventilation

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