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Zepomatic is a powdered detergent that softens water and cleans at the same time. Grease, dirt and food particles are quickly dissolved. Stains vanish from plastic and chinaware during the wash cycle. Special rinse agents leave dishes film-free. Water softeners prevent lime deposits.

  • Cuts and removes dried-on food, grease, oil, and other food soils from china, plasticware, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, etc.
  • Chlorinated to bleach out stains from china and plastic ware. Heavily stained items should be pre-soaked for best results
  • Performance and risibility are unaffected by water hardness. No special water softening additives necessary
  • Prevents scale formation on spray jets and other machine surfaces
  • Dissolves quickly and completely

Safety Items: Gloves; Goggles; Ventilation

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