Zep® Introduces Pro Wash N Wick Innovative Vehicle Wash

Zep® Introduces Pro Wash N Wick Innovative Vehicle Wash

ATLANTA--()--Zep®, the go-to cleaning brand for professionals, announces the launch of Pro Wash N Wick, a superior vehicle wash engineered for excellence. The premium-grade solution introduces a breakthrough in vehicle washing technology, that combines unparalleled cleaning with fast sheeting to create an exceptionally quick drying and spot-free shine.

“Pro Wash N Wick represents Zep's commitment to innovation and our understanding of the needs within the vehicle wash industry”

Pro Wash N Wick is distinguished by its high-foaming formula, which effortlessly cuts through road film, diesel exhaust and bugs. The product's proprietary non-silicone formula sheets water from the surface, eliminating the need for manual drying while creating a spotless, clean finish. The formula can be used with or without agitation and in hot or cold water to create a perfect shine. Additionally, Pro Wash N Wick is safe on polished aluminum, making it a versatile solution that extends to a wide range of commercial vehicles, including buses, trains, and light to heavy-duty trucks. Its specialized formula saves time and cost by streamlining the cleaning process and inventory needs. This technology is only available with Zep, revolutionizing the way vehicles are washed.

“Pro Wash N Wick represents Zep's commitment to innovation and our understanding of the needs within the vehicle wash industry,” said Lauren Houser, Zep Vice President of Marketing. “This product is designed to make vehicle washing more efficient and effective for businesses, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution that enhances appearance and maintains the condition of fleets over time. It underscores our dedication to delivering high-quality, efficient products, keeping fleets cleaner for longer, and saving businesses significant time, energy, and resources.”

Ideal for commercial fleets, Pro Wash N Wick promises a high-gloss, spot-free finish with minimal effort. Its high foaming action tackles the toughest soils, making it suitable for various washing methods, including drive-through, touchless, and manual washing. The product is designed for use in high-pressure sprayer applications such as pressure washers, truck wash facilities, foaming equipment, and drive-through friction or touchless gantry systems, ensuring versatility and ease of use in commercial washing scenarios. Non-corrosive, Pro Wash N Wick does not erode concrete or harm washing equipment.

As businesses seek more efficient, effective, and sustainable washing solutions for their vehicles, Pro Wash N Wick by Zep stands out as a top choice, reaffirming Zep's role as a leader in cleaning technologies and product offerings.

For more information on Pro Wash N Wick and to explore the full range of products and purchasing options, please call Zep at (877) 428-9937 and press #3 for Inside Sales.

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