Zep Takes a Stand for Sustainability with New Stewardship Focus

Zep Takes a Stand for Sustainability with New Stewardship Focus

Zep, Inc. Launches New Company-Wide Initiative to Build a Safer and Cleaner Future

ATLANTA, March 29, 2021 – There is growing demand from employees, customers, and investors for companies to do more than deliver financial returns. Today’s conscious consumer expects companies to contribute positively to environmental and social causes. Zep, Inc., an innovator, producer and distributor of maintenance, cleaning, and sanitation solutions, announced today the launch of Zep Stewardship, a new company-wide initiative to make the planet safer, cleaner, and more productive.

Zep Stewardship is an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy that aligns with Zep’s key values: Stewardship, Passion for Problem Solving, Empowerment, Expertise, and Doing the Right Thing. In 2020, Zep conducted an extensive ESG materiality assessment based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards to develop and inform its priority areas.

“Zep Stewardship is only the beginning of our commitment to keep people safe and to a build a cleaner and more productive world. This promise starts with our employees, customers, and communities,” said Matt Duncan, Zep’s Chief Administrative Officer. “We built Zep Stewardship from the inside out, enlisting the insights, leadership and support of our people and customers and referencing reputable ESG guidelines and standards to inform our goals and vision.”

Zep Stewardship focuses on five key areas: health and safety, carbon emissions, water usage and effluents, diversity and inclusion, and marketing and labeling.

Health and Safety

  • We are dedicated to being our customers’ leading partner for pandemic preparedness and biosecurity innovation. For example, Zep Assure™ is a new comprehensive cleaning and disinfection management compliance system that assists customer efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 and other micro-organisms, and to protect employees and guests.
  • Zep continues to pursue Target Zero workplace incidents, and in 2020 deployed new technology to enhance real-time reporting with intent to reduce future employee injuries. We firmly believe employees have a right to safe work environments, and all employees have a role to play in enhancing our processes and practices.

Carbon Emissions

  • We are committed to reducing carbon emissions from our operations and, through our solutions, from those of our customers. In 2020, we reduced our footprint through optimized shipment of goods, reduced travel and reduced facility requirements. In 2021, Zep will further refine baseline data to inform our long-term carbon emissions reduction strategy and targets.

Water Usage and Effluents

  • We are committed to reduce water use and effluents in our own value chain, and in that of our customers. In 2020, we updated baseline water and environmental management performance and identified best practices with the goal to scale them across the organization.
  • Zep commissioned a major water reuse technology serving our Chambersburg, Pa., plant and enhanced waste reduction equipment in our Emerson, GA facility. In partnership with customers, Zep continues to expand uniquely sustainable industry solutions such as SureFill, DynaClean, and AFCO Smart Track.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We believe commitment to Diversity and Inclusion enables Zep to contribute more fulsomely to society and to a more successful enterprise. We created employee action committees and diversity and inclusion roundtables to continue our commitment to an inclusive workplace that reflects the uniqueness of its employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • In 2020, we filled four senior leadership positions with diverse candidates and formed a strategic partnership with a significant minority owned business. By 2025, we plan to substantially increase share of business with minority-owned suppliers and enhance overall gender and ethnic diversity by 20%.

Marketing and Labeling

  • We believe in delivering customers efficacious products that minimally impact our environment. We have implemented a company-wide formulation policy to improve environmental and safety performance of products and continue to support customers in ensuring compliance to evolving chemical regulations.

“Zep Stewardship is a step toward more transparency, better procedures for environmental and occupational safety and more support for our communities,” Duncan said.

To learn more about Zep Stewardship and the company’s purpose to make the planet safer, cleaner, and more productive, visit www.zepstewardship.com.

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