Benefit-Driven Solutions for Industrial Cleaning

Discover Benefit - Driven Solutions for Industrial Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning and Operational Efficiency

You will find a lot of options when it comes to industrial cleaning. At Zep, we take the time to understand your specific cleaning and maintenance needs and offer recommendations that can enhance facility operations and cleanliness.

To help you with this important decision, Zep sales professionals provide expertise and knowledge to help customers deliver a clean appearance and hygienic work environments. With our Zep customer facility analysis, we can help reduce cleaning time and lower labor cost.

Zep’s extra-heavy-duty industrial cleaning concentrates tackle the tough tasks and cleaning applications, including carbon, soot, ink and grease removal.

If you own or manage industrial facilities, you already understand the importance of industrial parts cleaning, using floor scrubbers, or ensuring the correct mop and bucket procedures are followed.  Selecting the best option to do the job right will save you money overall.


Top Priority: Selecting the Right Products and Procedures

Every application, even within a single facility, may have very different cleaning tasks and require different products. Zep helps you and your operators understand correct cleaning protocols optimize results and safety. If the concentrations or combinations of cleaning chemicals are incorrect or too strong, it can cause damage to the equipment or surfaces leading to potentially costly repairs.

We look at the chemical pH to categorize floor cleaners and degreaser options:


Neutral pH:  Safe for most floor surfaces, a neutral floor cleaner will have pH of 7, making it safe to use on sensitive surfaces, like those made from natural stone. Ideal for daily, general-purpose cleaning. It’s not a good choice when you clean floors that get heavily soiled, particularly those prone to oil and grease. Zep - pH Perfect Neutral Floor Cleaner



Alkaline: Alkaline cleaner - degreasers remove grease and oil or as a neutralizer. It is especially effective when you need to clean heavy grime build-up and grease. When you use an alkaline product, you need to adhere to all environmental and safety protocols. Morado Extra Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaner Degreaser




Acidic: Acidic cleaner / degreasers are more effective for removal of rust stains, mineral deposits and heavy organic materials. Acidic cleaning solutions are not for daily cleaning and should not be used with floor scrubbers – to prevent machine damage.



Citrus Terpenes: Powerful and effective cleaners and easily lift off grimy grease and oil stains. Our Citrus degreasers are water-soluble, derived natural terpene oils – and can removing a variety of soils including grease, oil, tar, ink, adhesives, paintwork and chewing gum. Big Orange - Liquid Citrus Industrial Degreaser



Expertise that Partners with You

Our priority is to help create safer, cleaner and more productive workspaces: We focus on safety protocols, improved productivity and providing a comprehensive selection of professional cleaning tools.

Our knowledgeable Zep consultants will assist you in choosing specific products that match your needs and maximize operational efficiency. When it comes to tackling greasy floors other surfaces or parts, our expertise and extensive product portfolio is here to help improve productivity, safety and cleanliness.

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