Get the Job Done Right, Minimize Waste and Reduce Cost

Get the Job Right, Minimize Waste and Reduce Cost

The most widely used methods of dispensing chemicals are aerosol spray cans

and bulk. (liquid)

While aerosol spray cans are portable and sometimes convenient for workers to use operationally, there are some drawbacks. For example, the cost per fluid ounce of using aerosols can be up to 50% higher than using the Zep Shurfill Dispensing System and Zep high-performing bulk products.


Operational Efficiency

Also, disposal of hazardous waste aerosol cans - can be extremely costly. Approximately 450 traditional aerosol cans (15oz.)  fill a 55-gallon drum. Disposal of the hazardous aerosol spray cans is a time-consuming task and presents the issue of high disposal fees.



Some non-empty aerosol cans are ignitable hazardous waste.”

When used in higher volume facilities, the Zep ShurFill Dispensing System is the industry’s best option:

  • Lower chemical cost per ounce compared to aerosol cans
  • Cuts fees to correctly dispose of hazardous aerosol cans
  • Decreases product theft
  • Lowers solid waste in landfills
  • Reduce downtime compared to traditional 16oz. aerosol cans


Zep Dura Shot S 24oz. Sprayer

The Zep ShurFill System automatically fills a sprayer with high-performing Zep products in less than 30 seconds with pressurized shop air and achieves all the benefits of an aerosol can, while minimizing waste and reducing cost!

  • Dispenses Zep Best-In-Class Chemistries
  • Saves time and money with Zep’s ShurFill System


Zep’s Shurfill System is efficient, reduces cost and can help make sure that your business run smoothly. Please contact your local Zep Rep or explore the Shurfill System and high-performing bulk products on for more information.

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