Cleaning Industrial Oils from Hands

Want to get oily, grimy, greasy, filthy, smelly hands clean? Zep Cherry Bomb hand cleaner is the solution.

Zep Cherry Bomb is tough on dirt and grime, and gentle on hard-working hands. It is formulated to remove stubborn industrial soils such as inks, resins, paints, adhesives, tar, carbon, and asphalt. The strength and cleaning power come from a premium blend of solvents and natural pumice that scrub away the grime.

Cherry Bomb is enriched with emollients to protect the hands by replacing skin oils and preventing dryness, in order to moisturize hands and keep them feeling soft and supple. It is also formulated with low-odor solvents and no phosphates helps to prevent skin damage from frequent washings.

Cherry bomb is available in variety of sizes including one-gallon jugs that fit easily in Zep’s heavy-duty D-4000 wall dispenser.

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